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The mission of Safety Groups UK is

‘ To promote health and safety by supporting a thriving national network of health and safety Groups'

The organisation, which is a registered charity (and was originally established in 1947 as The National Health & Safety Groups Council), is the coordinating body for the network of around 70 local voluntary Occupational Health and Safety Groups located throughout the UK.

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No Time To Lose - Working together to beat Occupational Cancer

Campaign to cut work cancer deaths launched

An industry-wide campaign to cut the number of deaths from occupational cancer will be launched Monday 3 November in London. Safety Groups UK have signed up to this campaign through IOSH.

According to conservative estimates, some 8,000 people die from cancer and around 14,000 contract the disease each year in the UK because of exposure to a work-related carcinogen, such as diesel exhaust fumes, silica dust or asbestos fibres. Worldwide, occupational cancer claims the lives of more than 666,000 a year – one death every 47 seconds.

For more information about this campaign please read:

Press release - No Time to Lose

Work Cancer - The Facts

Beware Asbestos Campaign

SGUK are demonstrating our ongoing support to HSE in raising awareness of the dangers of Asbestos and the potential to contract long latency disease, this underpins our commitment to "Promote Health and Safety Nationwide"

As part of HSE’s Beware Asbestos campaign, HSE have launched a social media initiative with the support of Stuart Pearce. Stuart used to be an electrician and so was happy to help highlight the risk to tradespeople which is being covered by National press and men’s magazines.

SGUK encourage you to follow HSE on Twitter, you may have seen the HSE tweets already, in which case, thank you for re-tweeting. If you or your organisation uses Twitter or Facebook, we would love you to show your support for the campaign by wearing the scarf. This is a neat little icon called a “twibbon” that appears in the corner of your profile picture. You can get the icon by clicking on the following link: http://twibbon.com/support/beware-asbestos and by following the campaign on Twitter.

If you are able to forward the request to your members, that would also be fantastic! Please let me know if your organisation is using social media to promote the Beware Asbestos campaign so that we can follow you too.


We had an excellent presentation on ESOS from Simon Alsbury at Energise Ltd. There are a few main messages we would like to stress because you may not think this applies to you, but it might - please check the following:

1. Check whether this applies to you. It is 250 employees OR a turnover of 50 million. But you need to look at your company<s ownership " if you are part of a chain of small companies, this may apply to you. Numbers are calculated by the whole company, not just by site or by business sector.

This means that companies such as estate agents, hairdressers or other smaller companies could fall under this scheme.

2. You will need to appoint a registered external independent assessor. As 5 December 2015 looms nearer, these assessors will become extremely busy and will be scarce. Don't get caught out by trying to book one at the last minute.

3. You can't do this one flying by the seat of your pants " it will take time, particularly gathering some of the data.

4. The fines are vicious " they start at £50,000 and continue to rise. If this scheme applies to you, you will have to take action. If you don<t, the Environment Agency has the power to make you and charge you heavily for it.

You can get further information on the link below:


and you can download the full guidance by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please do visit Energise's website at www.energiseconsulting.com " you may find answers there as Simon Alsbury and his team are constantly updating it.

Health and Safety Week Interview

John Cairns has given an inteview for "Health and Safety Week".

The interview can be accessed from the website below:


Trades Union Congress - Health and Safety

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has a webpage on Health and Safety.

This website is part of TUC's work to ensure union safety reps have the information and resources to continue and to improve that work.

The website can be accessed by clicking the link below:


HSE Myth Busters

The Myth Busters Challenge Panel provides a mechanism to independently challengeadvice or decisions, madein the name of health and safety,that arebelieved to be disproportionate or inaccurate.

You can find the cases that the panel have considered and their findings at the linking below:


Neal Davis

Neal Davis of SGUK is a member of the Myth Busting Panel. His biography is available via:


Diary Dates for 2015

SGUK Open Meeting & Safety Groups Awards 2015

SGUK Open Meeting:

The meeting is being held in conjunction with North West Wales Health & Safety Group. Covering the It's in your Hands, Clean Air - Take Care and Listen Today Hear Tomorrow campaigns.

Safety Groups UK Awards 2015