Safety Groups UK

2022 Winners

Innovation Awards

Overall winner and winner of the Lord Cullen Trophy

Adman Civil Projects Ltd for their entry: “Emergency Peat Rescue Innovation – Using materials and equipment readily available onsite”.

The judges recognised that this was a response to a real workplace health and safety issue.  Until the work they carried out, few occupational health and safety approaches to emergency peat rescue had been established. Their entry showed innovation throughout and will have a lasting legacy.

Winner of the Alan Porter Rose Bowl (Awarded to the Winning Company's Safety Group)

Northern Ireland Safety Group

2nd Place and winner of the Stevenson Shield

Sonomatic RAIS for their entry: “Sonomatic Magnetic Laser Cleaning and Inspection Crawler”.

The judges acknowledged that this was an innovative technical response to significant health and safety risks related to the entry of vessels for cleaning and inspection.  The entry they submitted for the Innovation Awards showed real promise and should make a great improvement to an important area of health and safety in the workplace.

Highly Commended

Craigie High School for its innovation in their entry ‘Watch your back’, a LOcHER project.

The innovation presented was wonderful and the judges were delighted to be able to have the opportunity to recognise their achievement.  The judges acknowledged that this was a new approach to a traditional health and safety issue – back injuries.  The video produced showed innovative solutions to traditional risks can be found and have a worthwhile result.  Their innovation can be widely shared and will be well received.

Development Through Education Awards

Overall winner and winner of the Scottish Chamber of Safety silver punch bowl

Craigie High School for their entry: “WATCH YOUR BACK film. LOcHER Project.”

Watch Your Back - a #LOcHERproject by Craigie High School - YouTube

‘Thankyou video’ made by the pupils who won the Award.

The development through education presented was outstanding. The judges loved that they took a traditional health and safety issue and created an enjoyable and effective educational process for those directly involved and others in the school.  As their entry included production of a video it can be shared widely and the lyrics will be remembered, providing a lasting educational impact.  

Highly Commended

Adman Civil Projects Ltd for the holistic approach they took to education and development.

The judges loved how they approached the learning and development process.  Particularly their engagement with workers and the wider community, including the rescue services.  The entry provides a good model for others to follow and will have a lasting educational impact.   There is no doubt that the project provided development in this important topic for all those involved, which is a wonderful result.