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Innovation, Development Through Education, Excellence, Outstanding Service


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Innovation - is open to all organisations, of any size, based or operating in the UK - irrespective of whether or not they are currently members of a Safety Groups UK Group. The aim of these awards is to recognise the innovative work being done to raise the standards of health and safety and help to enhance local group membership, with recognition for the winning organisation's local group as well.


NEW for 2019 -

Development Through Education - the aim of this new category is to encourage and recognise the excellent work done that involves learners, of any age, in an initiative that demonstrates effective educational engagement to advance health and safety.


Achievement - is open to all SGUK Groups.  The Alan Butler Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate Group excellence.


Outstanding Service - the Maurice Adamson Award recognises outstanding individuals nominated by groups.




Congratulations to all 2018 winners

To read the Chairman's report on the House of Lords awards ceremony, please click here