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Praise for LOcHER

The approach has been welcomed by colleges, schools, industry, professionals, professional organisations, regulators, students, and governments. A list of examples is provided

"The LOcHER project is a great way to engage students and teach them health and safety. The approach helps students to acquire a number of function skills."

Darren Brooks, Lecturer, Fabrication and Welding

"The LOcHER project is a shining example of how all curriculum within D&A College should be modelled. With a fantastic and engaging mix of learning activities which included working in groups, dealing with external agencies, tackling real life issues, engaging technology and undertaking independent research, it's no surprise that the learners (and staff!) really enjoyed it. There are many learning points from this approach and we look forward to rolling it out further within other areas of the College."

Simon Hewitt, Vice Principal (Curriculum & Attainment)

"The team really got involved with this project. It gave them something to really get their teeth into. They worked hard researching Asbestos and were fully engaged throughout. They made it theirs and were very proud and excited about their work. From start to finish it was a very positive experience for them."

Kerry Hastie, Princes Trust Team Leader

"I have delivered training for College students on a number of occasions but using the LOcHER approach was so much more rewarding for myself and the students. They were engaged from the very start, it created a sense of ownership, and it developed a number of transferable skills. Being the first College in Scotland to use this approach has also been very worthwhile and I will continue to encourage this method of teaching."

Andy Cathro, Health & Safety Officer

"The college's engagement with the LOcHER project has yielded greater rewards for both staff and students than we ever imagined when we first embarked on the project. The use of the LOcHER approach as a competition helped to involve all of our curriculum areas in developing individual projects in new and innovative ways.

This project embodies the college's own ethos of ensuring that students develop valuable employment and life skills, so they feel confident to lead change in their careers and the industries in which they progress."

Robby Ryan, Chief Operating Officer

"The LOcHER project provided a valuable opportunity for B&FC tutors to step-back and consider alternative methods of teaching, learning and assessment.

We took a whole college approach and had ten projects taking place across the curriculum areas.

All students involved researched Health and Safety for their chosen career path and were given the opportunity to develop their own method and style of teaching when presenting to their fellow students.

Putting the students in the driving seat yielded fantastic results and the enthusiasm from students who had previously been quite disengaged was clearly evident.

The highlight of the project was the final presentations where an expert judging panel and prizes added the competitive edge and really motivated the students. Not only did this meet the objective of raising awareness of Health and Safety, but it also provided an abundance of employability skills."

Kathy Seddon, FE Programme Manager

"The LOcHER project has been a brilliantly interactive experience which has opened our students' eyes to ways in which work related ill health can be prevented. The work and understanding which our students exhibited has left me feeling that the future of improving industry's understanding of these topical issues is in very safe hands."

Joanne Shepherd, Health and Safety Manager

HETA Scunthorpe

“Thank you very much for the session you (HSE) put together. It has been received really well by the staff.”

      - Ian Hemmingway, Health Safety and Environment Manager,

        Humberside Engineering Training Association    (HETA) Ltd



Leicester College

The East Midlands WWT and the Bowmer + Kirkland Group, in association with HSE, delivered a practical training day for over 100 apprentices from the Leicester College.

Students were allocated to one of five groups. Students in each group moved from one session to another as allocated in the timetable.

An interactive LOcHER session (with students) concentrated on dusts and lungs health.

JSP’s practical approaches (including the LOcHER face leak demonstrator) focussed on correct selection and use of respirators.

Other demonstrations included using local extraction ventilation for controlling dust in air, manual handling and dangers of asbestos.

The college apprentices and staff said, it was a valuable day to learn about health hazards and risk control in practical ways. A few commented that it was worthwhile getting up early in the morning – 0630am! 

About 42 students and four staff members returned their written feedback. Every response rated the LocHER approach as valuable or extremely valuable. The overall finding was - LOcHER approach is a good way to get across health risks messages. 

About WWT: It was set up in 1998 by the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC), which recognised the construction industry itself needed to do more to improve its health and safety performance – particularly among the smaller construction businesses.   

WWT was set up as a joint industry/HSE initiative to help do this and this is reflected in our motto - ‘help from the industry for the industry’.

Home (

"The LOcHER project is an excellent tool in engaging and educating learners in Health & Safety.

To support our core curriculum of Health and Safety in Construction, the LOcHER project has enabled learners to research Health and Safety related issues in Construction. This has resulted in the creation of informative documents, posters and short videos, which will engage construction learners and a wider audience.

Learners at Preston's College have benefited from participation in the LOcHER project, with resources being used to evidence achievement in their course Health & Safety modules. Together with a higher level of Health & Safety knowledge, this will provide a solid base as part of their employability skills for the future.

We will continue to educate Health and Safety through the LOcHER project in the 2017-2018 academic year, expanding the project to our Higher Education construction learners, with a focus on respiratory issues in Construction and preventative techniques in use."

Mark Taylor, (Interim) Head of School - Construction & the Built Environment

"The enthusiasm that the learners have shown throughout the project has been amazing and really rewarding. The learners have seen for themselves the importance of wearing the correct RPE for the task which they are carrying out. The combination of working on a national project, carrying out the practical and putting together the materials will assist with the Preston's College mission of making our learners "The most employable they can be."

Rebecca Kay, Operations Manager, iSTEM Programme

"When we first became involved in the LOcHER project in 2015, it was seen as a Health and Safety 'add-on' but it has turned into so much more.

Watching young people evolve from rolling their eyes when being asked to complete a Health and Safety project to a point where they are able to proudly stand at the front of a class room and present their findings back to their peers and others is amazing to watch and be part of Preston's College mission to our learners is to 'Make them the most employable'. The development of Health and Safety knowledge as part of LOcHER along with a wider skill set which includes communication, independent learning and team work ultimately add to the employability of our learners.

Whilst the LOcHER project is about educating young people to achieve a goal of reducing work related ill health in the future, the principles can be applied to any area of learning."

Dave Foy CMIOSH FIIRSM RSP, Estates, Health and Safety Manager

"This was an innovative approach to teaching health and safety which engaged and excited the students making it very relevant to them and their future practice."

Angela O'Donoghue CBE, CEO and Principal

"When SGUK first came to me with LOcHER project concept I very nearly declined. I'm so glad I didn't! Not just because it has been an enjoyable experience for me and the students, but how it really allowed students to show what they knew in a way I never thought possible and to an audience I never even dreamt of."

Clive Langworthy, Lecturer and Motor Vehicle Course Leader

"When we all think alike, then no one is thinking. The LOcHER Project is the start of a new health and safety culture that will change the way young people think about health and safety."

Steve Hope, Head of Health and Safety

"HSE needs the help of others in the health and safety system to tackle the issues around occupational lung disease. The LOcHER pilot at the three Vocational Education colleges has clearly shown that this innovative approach can help to significantly improve awareness of the danger of lung disease and how to control exposure in your learners. HSE is committed to contributing to this and I am happy to see the work of LOcHER and the colleges around the country who have already become involved and invite others to do so as well.

Our newly formed Steering Group met in August 2017 and are keen to build on this great work. I fully support the LOcHER project and look forward to seeing what the "workers of tomorrow" can do today in support of 'Helping Great Britain Work Well'."

Karen Clayton, Director, Chemicals Regulation Division

“LOcHER is a superb learn by doing process by which the country’s biggest asset our young people can appreciate the hazards that can affect their health. LOcHER successfully demonstrates to students that practical Safety and Health policies are, and should be seen as a positive force for good.”

      Alan Murray, CEO, British Safety Industry Federation

"I was inspired by the students. I hope they are proud of themselves and appreciate the exposure they are getting - which can lead to jobs in the future. This will be particularly relevant when the construction students come to our relevant meeting."

      Jeff Lambert, Chair, IOSH Central Lancs District

"It was a pleasure to meet you and your very talented students last night. I thoroughly enjoyed their presentations."

      James Adeley, HM Coroner

"I thoroughly enjoyed both presentations (by Blackpool and the Fylde College students), last night. There was obviously a lot of hard work that went into researching and preparing them and all the students did a brilliant job presenting and or rapping."

      Paul Blundell, Environmental Health Technical Officer

"I attended the IOSH meeting last night and was very impressed with the young students' presentation and enthusiasm; it was both informative and very entertaining. It is also good to see young people take an interest in Health and Safety."

      Mike Shaw, Environmental Health Officer

Student 1 - "I never had a certificate in my life. My mum would be very happy." - D&A College

Student 2 - "Had an opportunity to do research, put together a film and talked in front of nearly two hundred people." - D&A College

Student 3 - "Excited to be involved" - D&A College

Student 4 - “This programme is great because it covers all the different areas and we do real work-based experience at Game Mania as part of my programme and enjoyed working on the LOcHER health and safety project.” - Emily Taylor, B&FC.

Student 5 - “My course is brilliant, and I really enjoyed all the extra-curricular activity at B&FC. I’ve been a student ambassador at events, a student rep and worked on health and safety projects. It has really helped my confidence.” -Sain Nicholson, B&FC.

Student 6 - “I was part of a team of engineering students who won the B&FC LOcHER health and safety competition and we are going to work with people in industry on some of the ideas we came up with” -Jesse Tountas, B&FC