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Preventing noise induced hearing loss at work

Hearing loss caused by work is preventable. Once your hearing has gone it won't come back.

Damage can cause loss of hearing ability and people may also suffer a permanent sensation of ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus.

HSE says Buy Quiet. It promotes consumer demand for low noise tools and machinery and encourages the production and sale of low noise machinery. The long-term aim is that designers and manufacturers see commercial advantages in the production of quiet tools and machinery, and that noisy tools and machinery cease to be sold as lower noise counterparts are purchased in preference.

Here we present an interactive PowerPoint presentation for you to quickly apricate the effects of noise induced hearing loss and what simple measures could be used for protecting your hearing.

The Protect your hearing: what noise does to your ears video was produced by the Work Safe, a government authority in Canada. An engaging and emotions filled film to plead with you to look after your hearing.