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LOcHER Examples


This page leads you to examples of learning by experiencing, developed:

Then to more examples listed in a table. They can be accessed via YouTube listings or the links provided.

These examples clearly show and demonstrate that imagination and innovation have no limits to learn health and safety.

The approach strongly supports, motivates, and inspires learners to become aware of various occupational health hazards/risks and exposure control measures.



Please use the resource in your teaching as a part of the mix.


Please use the resource to help you in your studies and protect your health at work.

Our suggestion: Have a look at examples that catch your eyes. Get to know how other students have learnt about a particular health hazard and its exposure control. Then, use the ideas (or develop your own) to learn about health hazards relevant to your vocational study.

Alternatively look at the examples that relate to hazards that you could be exposed when at the college or at work.

The LOcHER approach goes beyond learning hazards and risks. It:

  • Helps you practice and learn.
  • Supports your active learning - engage, discover, retain, recall, and showcase risk control practices.
  • Supports your critical thinking, teamwork, time management, leadership, and other life skills.
  • Supports your CV and prepare for job interviews.